Fishing Safari for Red King (Kamchatka) Crab

Our fishing base is located in the northern part of Norway. This unique spot is one of the few in the world when you can catch, cook and taste fresh meat of the Red King (or Kamchatka) Crab.
Before you head to the sea, our guide will provide you with a few little crab traps and will show spots in the fjords where it is best to place them. After a few days, when coming back from another fishing trip on a motorboat, you can pick up your traps yourself and most definitely find inside your precious catch – live red king crab! After coming back to your cottage and tasting freshly-caught crab meat boiled in salty seawater, you would never again want to buy it from your local supermarket. Instead, you will strive to come back to Seiland and again fully enjoy your wonderful fishing experience. Best time for catching crabs in the fjords is from June to November.