Seiland National Park

Seiland is a national park located on the island of the same name. It was opened recently, in 2007, and today lots of tourists visiting Norway are aiming here to admire inspiring natural diversity, from mountains and glaciers to crystal clear gates to the sea.
Seiland is a place practically untouched by man, with a vast territory of more than 500 square kilometers, with picturesque mountains covered with dense forests. The island itself is the 7th largest in Norway, but it’s territory is divided between 3 administrative units: Alta, Kvalsund and Hammerfest. Mountainous terrain of the island, with many peaks as high as 800 meters, and large glacier formations are attracting tourist from around the world to spend vacation or just a weekend in scenic and serene environment.
The northernmost glaciere, Seilandsjøkule, is considered to be the most interesting for tourist visiting. Here landscapes vary from snow covered peaks to cleanest green fjords. This region is also very interesting for it’s rich flora and fauna. Nature enthusiast are going here to witness a gerfalcon and unique relic poppy among the others.
Anyone walking the island can find the real Seiland gem – zirconium, formed by time into large crystals. Besides, it is very convenient to visit Denmark, Sweden and other parts of north-eastern Europe from here. In essence, the whole island is a single large natural park. Most of it’s residents are maintaining it.
However, on outskirts sheep breeding and herding are highly developed. Any tourist or fishing enthusiast is welcomed to spend time at our Seiland Brygge fishing tourist base. Sport fishing from newest modern powerboats is a wonderful opportunity for Seiland guests. At our base you can cook and taste the fish you have just caught yourself.
Surrounding nature’s harmony, inspiring landscapes and local residents’ hospitality will make vacation on Seiland as pleasant as it could possibly be. Tourists can enjoy multiple recreational activities in the Park and it’s vicinities: alpinism, hiking, horse riding and all kinds of water sports, including diving. Anyone who has ever visited Seiland will strive to come back here again to feel the sense of total peace and tranquility that is experienced the moment a boat or a ferry is nearing the shore.
It is impossible to name everything the Seiland National Park is giving it’s visitors. Apart from local natural and ethnic attractions, regular tours are going from here to Stockholm and other important cultural and historical centers of Scandinavia. Unforgettable emotions, lots of memorable pictures and great spirits will warm our guests’ hearts and remind them of glorious vacation time on the wonderful Seiland Island.